Eclectic Memories Logo

Eclectic Memories

Client: Eclectic Memories scrapbook store

Format: Logo design for scrapbooking store and scrapbook-related services

Design Objective: The client was interested in an “eclectic” look using a variety of fonts. She also requested a design using teal and brown. The adornment of the “E” reflects the decorative nature of scrapbooking.

Language Postcard

Language Postcard

Client: University of Houston Continuing Education

Format: Postcard reproduced digitally in full color

Design Objective: The client was promoting both online classes and language offerings. The design was developed to emphasize the personal convenience of online learning and the vast opportunities that are available when you master a new language.

Clutter Fairy Display/Flyer

Clutter Fairy Flyer

Client: The Clutter Fairy

Format: 8.5″ x 11″ full color flyer

Design Objective: This flyer was displayed at an auction where the one of the auction items was a 2-hour organizing session with the Clutter Fairy. Business cards were attached in a little pocket at the bottom.