Anne Swanson received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Houston. She began her career in the healthcare industry. She also worked for several years for an online service provider (in the early days of the Internet). In 2008, Anne started up her own graphic design business.

Anne enjoys the creativity, the technology, and the precision of graphic design. But, the best part is creating something beautiful that successfully conveys the message.

So, whatever your message is, its impact can be strengthened by a polished, professional-looking product. A great layout, appropriate color choices, and font selection are crucial to create a piece that is effective and attractive. Anne will work with you to create marketing materials that you can be proud of.

Anne helps other small businesses and nonprofit organizations to improve their message with good design. To see the various services provided by Anne Swanson Graphic Design, please visit the Services Page.

Visit the Portfolio Page to view samples of Anne Swanson’s work.

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