2015 BEB Calendar

2015 BEB Calendar

Client: Business Extension Bureau

Format: 13″ x 18″ 12-month wall calendar

Design Objective: Business Extension Bureau is an independently owned and operated mulit-channel marketing production company located in the Museum District of Houston, Texas. For many years, they’ve provided this Texas-themed calendar to clients and associates. One feature of the calendar is the inclusion of monthly QR codes, which link to fun videos and messages. BEB uses Twitter to remind clients to scan their codes each month, which results in more traffic to the BEB website and their YouTube channel. I was pleased to provide graphic design production services for this project.

RICH December 2014 Newsletter

EnRICHER NewsletterClient: Realty Investment Club of Houston

Format: 8 1/2″ x 11″ 16-page monthly newsletter

Design Objective: The Realty Club of Houston (RICH) just restarted publishing their monthly newsletter, The EnRICHer. The club focuses on educating investors and property owners and provides workshops and courses, networking, and advocacy for its members. Anne worked with the RICH Club’s editor and designed the December issue.

Printed newsletters are still a great way to communicate with your employees, club members, or clients. This newsletter contains a monthly event calendar to keep club members informed about upcoming programs.

Our printer, Business Extension Bureau, did a great job meeting our deadline with an attractive printed piece.

Pin Oak Caregivers Blood Pressure Booklet


Client: Pin Oak Caregivers

Format: 3.75″ x 5.5″ 16-page booklet

Design Objective: Jane Seger, Administrator for Pin Oak Caregivers, searched the internet, but couldn’t find a blood pressure booklet that met her needs. Anne Swanson designed this simple booklet for Jane and her team to provide to their clients. Pin Oak Caregivers are always looking out for the families they serve.

Printer: Business Extension Bureau

QuickBooks® Brochure

Bookkeeping-Results Banner

Client: Bookkeeping-Results, LLC

Format: 8 1/2” x 11″, tri-fold brochure

Design Objective: Dwayne Briscoe wanted to promote his series of QuickBooks® courses. This mailing was targeted to reach accounting professionals who need additional training in QuickBooks. Dwayne offered two course tracks, on Mondays or Saturdays. A QR code was provided to simplify and expedite the registration process. Dwayne also provides bookkeeping services to small businesses like mine, (don’t know what I’d do without him!)