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Sephora + Pantone Color IQ Color Matching

I think most women have had the experience of buying the wrong shade of makeup, and that can result in a less-than-perfect look and wasted money. The shade that looks so good in the bottle at the store can have a frightening effect under the bright lights of the bathroom!

Sephora (cosmetics) and Pantone (color matching systems for the graphic arts) have collaborated to develop a device that takes several images of your skin and compares them to 1,000 shades in Sephora’s Universal Skintone Library. This helps you decide which product will be the best match for your skin tone.

The color match technology was launched at Sephora 5 Times Square on July 26th. You might want to check with your local Sephora to see when it will be available near you.

It’s a great idea for someone like me who is always struggling to decide if I am Creamy Ivory or Light Bisque Porcelain. Science, art, and beauty have combined for some interesting new technology.

Read more about the system on Musings of a Muse beauty blog.

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