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Designer’s Eye is a series of articles in which I offer a graphic designer’s view of the world.

Photographer Sues the State

A Texas photographer is suing the State of Texas for the unauthorized use of an image that he created in 1984. The image by photographer David K. Langford is entitled “Days End 2” and depicts the dark silhouette of a cowboy. The copyrighted photograph appeared in an issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine in 1998.

Photo by D.K. Langford

A Texas inmate allegedly scanned the image and created the artwork for the new inspection stickers. When comparing the photograph and the design for the new sticker, it is apparent that the copyrighted photograph was used. All the tiny strings and loops are identical to those in the photograph. It seems clear to me that Mr. Langford ought to win this intellectual property showdown!

Read more about the lawsuit.

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